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A multi-disciplinary firm operating within the overlapping spaces of art and architecture.


IN.SEK is a Brooklyn based company, run by Ashira Israel that designs and creates products, furniture, lighting, sculpture and architectural installations.

They work with a broad range of clients, both commercial and residential, as well as design and manufacture their own line of handmade products and furniture.

As a studio that works in both design and manufacturing, IN.SEK has a unique perspective that informs and inspires their design process from start to finish. By experimenting with and exploring conventional materials such as concrete, wood, and metal they are able to achieve unconventional and beautiful results. Their work is constantly evolving dialogue between the harmony of material, form and function.

Care and consideration for craftsmanship and sustainability goes into every project. IN.SEK uses solar power in their studio workshop, donates sawdust to farmers, recycles, and strives to create quality pieces that are durable and timeless.



IN.SEK’s products begin with one “perfected” prototype. Countless hours go into producing and finishing this original by hand.

They have achieved the highest standards with their refined concrete casting and finishing techniques developed through thousands of trials. Working with conventional architectural materials in unconventional ways facilitates the conception and fabrication of these functional art objects.

Every piece of concrete, from prototype to packing, is thoughtfully produces in Brooklyn, NY studio. This controlled environment ensures the highest level of craftsmanship and artistry.

Each casting is considered a work of art, not replication. IN.SEK clients know that they are receiving an original piece with unique characteristics.

IN.SEK’s process is more involved than mix, pour, repeat. Benefiting from from advanced cementitious technologies, their castings have superior strength and elegance.

A core value of their work is to create well-made, long lasting objects. This is the essence of sustainable practices that IN.SEK embodies.


There is beauty and discovery in creative play. IN.SEK’s casting infrastructure allows for such experiments by manipulating variables resulting in countless combinations.

Their work balances precise technology and intuitive estimates. “What if? Will this work? Should we try it?” 

Through countless experiments IN.SEK has achieved many beautiful and unprecedented results. The combination of creative play and a wide range of materials has lead to numerous successful studies, many of which have become a part of their collection. Trials have ranged from concepts of magnetic concrete and brass shaving aggregate, to combining colored concrete for a signature marbled series. In a unique studio culture, IN.SEK pushes boundaries, keeps asking questions, and learns as much as possible. IN.SEK isn’t afraid to try new things.